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To know Jesus, to love others, and to make Him known.


It is with great joy, that we welcome you to the Cedar Rapids Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our hearts and doors are open for you to come and be uplifted by experiencing a warm, loving environment where all can find acceptance, hope, encouragement and fellowship. We hope this visit to our web site will be a pleasant experience. Please linger a while to browse through our pages and learn more about us, our commitment to our community, and to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Should you and your family be moving to our area, or just passing through, we invite you to attend our service. If someday you should be able to visit with us at Cedar Rapids Church, through the aid of our website, our joy will be significantly increased.

Upcoming Event

The serpentine Prophecy
     What’s really going on behind the scenes? Are there dark forces and shadowy powers orchestrating world events—and even our very own lives? Join Pastor Shawn Boonstra as he digs into history to explore the mysteries of a hidden agenda that has weaved its tentacles across continents, cultures, and centuries. As he uncovers its sinister path, you’ll discover how to prevent being caught up in its deception.
    This four-part video series covers Bible prophecy, current world events, and the end times. Sponsored by the Voice of Prophecy, each session features a video experience from Shawn Boonstra, followed by group discussion lead by a local moderator.

Sabbath Live Service via Zoom @ 11:00 am CST

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